short term vehicle leasing



minimum 28 days

Our short term car lease or flexible lease contracts work similarly to ‘normal’ lease agreements. However, unlike ‘normal’ lease contracts our minimum lease term is 28 days. After which, you can cancel or swap your vehicle at any point without incurring any charges to do so.

Your rental comes inclusive with road tax, breakdown cover and maintenance. All you’d need to provide is your insurance and fuel and you’re ready to go!

All new applications are subject to a credit search which is conducted in-house. We look at every application individually and will consider all types of circumstances and credit history.


minimum 90 days

We can offer you a rental for a minimum of 90 days on new and used vehicles for an affordable fixed amount each month. You can rent a vehicle for 90 days after which you will be eligible for further rentals providing you have maintained your rental payments on time.

We offer a rental scheme tailored to meet the needs of customers working in stable employment or who are self-employed. Our customers are not subject to external credit scoring, but we will carry out a credit search.

We recognise that in the past you may have had credit issues for various reasons, but you now have a stable status and are in stable employment and so you can afford a newer car.